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Our Beginnings All Are Humble


In Beloved Belief, you will come to understand how one man saved his life through being re-born of the Holy Spirit. Some people believe that life comes with trauma and as human beings we must go through them. Fernandez Womack and Dr. Warner A. Richards will provide context through transparent dialog, stories and lessons of what it means to die to the flesh, or your earthly self and be re-born of the Holy Spirit.

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“Life happens for us, not to us” is a quote that the co-author, Fernandez tends to use, especially when matters of everyday life show some form of unexpected difficulty.

How he came to identify with that saying is from his inherent faith in God. Though he had an understanding of God, for many years he was not educated on the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ. This would lead him to live contrary to the word of God and as he puts it “I was in the universe, or I was in the spirit realm, spinning without any compass.”

But God’s purpose for Fernandez did not cease. Subsequently by the grace of God, he unknowingly developed a pedagogy of Jesus Christ centered education. “And Jesus said to them, follow me, and | will make you fishers of men.” (Matthew 4:19) All from living his own life and reflecting on his past traumas. Imagine the trauma of facing 20 years in prison for a crime that you didn’t commit, losing a dad to suicide, being homeless for years and meeting the love of your life then to almost lose them in divorce.

By no means should any person believe that the trauma from these experiences is needed as a means of education or growth. The trauma from these aforementioned events all seemed normal to Fernandez, a Baltimore native who grew up believing pain of the sort was the right of passage to becoming a man. This was not only his reality but also for many others who lived their lives in survival mode. Fernandez, like many of us, was living in sin and was experiencing the products of his cognitive dissonance and cognitive dissidence. By bringing people together with different talents and gifts, God is able to take us beyond what we might be able to do alone. The Holy Spirit is a major part of the union between Dr. Warner A. Richards and Fernandez “Live” Womack which led to the content of this book.

Beloved Belief brings the two authors together in a way that can speak to people who are overly religious, and to others who may not be. While also highlighting perspectives that give readers multiple points of reference on the word of God and Jesus Christ Consciousness.

The Beloved Belief Book

Beloved Belief brings the two authors together in a way that can speak to people who are overly religious, and to others who may not be. While also highlighting perspectives that give readers multiple points of reference on the word of God and Jesus Christ Consciousness. “And Jesus said to them, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matthew 4:19)

About the Authors

Fernandez "Live" Womack

Loving husband and dad, OBAAH Tour founder, multidisciplinary artist, teacher, entrepreneur, producer, author and counselor of peace Fernandez “Live” Womack aka Nando, began creating a name for himself in his hometown, of Baltimore City at the young age of 16. Starting a Non-Profit before most of his peers his age started college. As a community leader he sought to educate himself by living in different cities across the country after being falsely accused, and prosecuted of a crime in downtown Baltimore that had him facing 15-20 years of incarceration for merely owning, and operating an entertainment club for artist in a city where he was not welcome as a successful businessman, and subsequently was banned from opening any business that was similar, though found not guilty in a court of law. From this experience his faith in the all loving God grew immensely, and his business aptitude and creativity only grew brighter.


The son of a hard-working faithfully loving teenage-mother and a loving but pain stricken father who committed suicide, he subsequently became a force of good in his community and carved out a lane for himself. From his own words “Our Beginnings All Are Humble”. Fernandez’s music is as dynamic as his personality. As a mainstay in Hip Hop his style is attention-commanding while also being able to provide an unfounded perspective on real world topics including Jesus Christ Consciousness, business, life, and institutional discrimination. Blogger/photographer Michael Tapp wrote, “Fernandez’s style popped from over 100 ft. away, he has enough creative energy to power all of Times Square.”



Based in Brooklyn, NY Fernandez “Live” Womack has made his presence known across multiple creative industries. Founder of the OBAAH Tour (Our Beginnings All Are Humble), which specializes in showcasing his music, brand and other dynamic artists, while facilitating spontaneous creative and professional collaborations.


Beyond writing and producing music for himself, Nando has worked directly with many popular musicians across the country and more notably, musical legend Wyclef Jean (on the Carnival IIItour). As a business savvy creative he’s gained ongoing support from Angela Simmons, Jay-Z, June Ambrose, Emory Jones (Roc Nation), DJ Zeke Thomas, 99 Jamz WEDR Miami Radio, Bimmy Antney, Rick Ross, Janet & Sean Kingston, Tyrone Hunter, Elizabeth An (Restaurateur), Chris Gotti Lorenzo (Add Ventures Music), Jazze Pha (Superproducer), Lyor & Az Cohen, Eric Benét, Starpower Global Music Group (Chicago).

Dr. Warner A. Richards

Warner Antonio Richards, PsyD.  Founder and principal consultant of Aubrey & Hugh Consulting, LLC. Lives in New York with his wife of more than 30 years Norka. They both have a passion for helping people reach their highest potential. Dr. Richards has been a Pastor for more than three decades. He holds degrees and training in Theology, Pastoral Ministry, Clinical Pastoral Care, Christian Counseling, Psychology and Mental Health Counseling. He is the Author of, “The Real Life Matrix Bible Study Guide: A Journey Into the Born-Again Experience.”

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