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Message from Our Founder

As founder of the #OBAAH Tour and BelovedBelief.com project I feel tremendously blessed. Even prior to the level of divine productivity in my life that is now very very present I have always tithed as a man operating in the Holy Spirit with Jesus Christ Consciousness and relied greatly on Gods grace provided through his law of tithing. I give because I want to, and this campaign I am exhibiting tithing as a great tool for the word of God to be spread.

I will continue to push extremely hard to get the word of Jesus Christ out to the masses. Me and, my team agree that its all love paying our beloved financial attention to give a few moments to read up, and comment on how connecting to divine purpose and operating in dominion of all God provides us. The 20 dollar amazon gift card being given is an evolution of money I randomly give to beloved in my life whom may need it for whatever reason as my form of daily tithe.

God calls me to give and happily I do so, and this campaign is an answer to the question HOW can we get our beloved all over the world to just read Beloved Belief and download the App and get closer to the word of God. The word of God means everything to me and I look forward to Beloved Belief providing navigation to millions of human beings worldwide seeking Jesus Christ. Our beginnings all are humble.

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